Love will shine again

When darkness came over my heart.

For the love we had .

Our friendship grew into a love.

that was so warm and gentle.

With laughter and smiles

When you touch my hand my heart melted.

With the most beautiful love.

We shared our lives with stories.

Some of the stories was sad.

Some of our stories made us smile.

The most beautiful story was ours the warmth of our love.

was like warm summer breeze that whisper.

Through our souls.

It was the most beautiful feeling of having.

Your love with mine.

I am blessed to have met you so my heart.

Knew what love was. there will be know other love.

For my heart because all my love yours.

When the day of darkness cover my heart our lives .

wasn’t the same.

It took our love for each other .

Made it so cold.

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