Poem #8: Hunger.

We’d build a home in a ravaged land,

The static high in the sky,

It’s tasting like the steel of your heart,

The soft mechanic pull of your breath,

We are building up the disaster here.

I wanted you to disappear,

But I see there is hunger there in your eyes,

Wanting so much, but never going after it,

It’s never enough for your soul.

I know, I know these things will inevitably change again,

And we last, oh god, we last in the last remnants of the day,

But the day has only begun,

These thoughts fill so stupid,

Fuck, I hate the sound your name makes in my throat,

And on my lips.

We would build in these ravaged lands,

Because the mess is the image of us,

And there is a hunger here, for you,

Always you,

A hunger for change, and you.

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