Tsk! Lax Gyp (Viz BMW), Quench Fjord

As I struggle towards the surface,
Breath seems to be fading.
Confusion overtakes sanity.
Down? Up? Water raiding
Every cavity, even lungs
Filling up with the sea
Got to get to the surface to breath
Hear the call of banshee
I have to survive this horrid fate
Just to see her again
Knocking at my very door is death
Let’s say a prayer, amen
Must get away from the wreck below
Now nothing guides my way
Oh Moses, won’t you save my spirit?
Please Jesus, don’t betray!
Quit mocking me with distance between
Rest and Davy’s locker
Salvation, survival, sin kills me
The depths roar with laughter
Untimely death, inevitable
Vex my mind and my soul
When I begin to drink up the sea
Xerif, I yield control
You are free to arrest my being
Zaftig me is freeing

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