Prompt 9/Poem 9

I’ve noticed during this marathon my poems are filled with darkness
Happy images do not avoid me, but darkness is easier to grasp
I’ve spent most of my life in darkness
I am a living breathing contradiction
Internally, I dwell with those who dress their pain in white face and black robes
I dwell with those who deny their pain through needles and alcohol
I dwell with the cutters and those in despair
Externally I am a force to be reckoned with
I bring happiness and light to those around me
My sense of humor is like a ray of sun for some
A beacon of light guiding them through their trials
they say the strongest ones are the ones who need people the most
Well maybe I need people
Maybe all I need to do is write
Write out my sadness, my despair, my brokenness
Write myself out of the darkness into the light
Use my gift as a therapeutic tactic
To tell the truth on paper, through poetry, fiction, whatever
Write myself into who I know I am

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