Pandora box

Living on fear
Attach to the memories
Scare to take action
Many question are raise
No answer at all
The law it’s useless
Only their law counts
My voice it’s mute
My rights are taken
My life it’s reduce to four walls
Waiting for this locks to be broken⏳
Is freedom next or a cold cell next
I open my eyes and it’s still dark
I see no light
I’m calm Bc my most important values are out of sight
My enemy can’t touch it
I rather die alone
Them to see my soul cry and lost
Trying to safe me
I rather be soulless without my
Princesses; than have them
Taken and suffering
I’m happy inside
Bc I gave them a fighting chance
My mistake won’t touch them
Only the pain of not having me
But it’s ok
As long they protected by god laws
I know I Had sin
And for each of my sin
It’s a price to pay.
I’m paying the higher price
With ocean in between us
I love you
My darling
Keep going this journey
My soul would be near
My love in a box
But your freedom it’s endless
And so it’s my memories.
—Meriyen Marquez✨

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