For some reason I’m tired and my house is falling apart…-12

Panic attack

I’m feeling quite whack

Energy is dipping

So my mind is slipping

Entering a state of sheer adrenaline

The room collapses around me

My drawers fall off of the wall.

And that’s not all.

It’s all on me to fix.

But I’m not sure I’ll last until six.

There is no way to say for sure

but this room is hellish, like Hades’ cur.

Simple due to my choice…

When I finally sleep I shall rejoice.

Until then, memes and spite sustain me

Rest is reckless without support.

I might just ramble till the dawn.

I’m halfway through, it’s too early to yawn.

Twenty-seven hours awake

Twenty more my soul to take.

Keep me running keep it coming

Give me that sweet sugar,

Give me absinthe and vigor.

I shall be victorious.

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