Hour 1 -Selkie’s Lament

Hour 1

Write a poem about being in water. It can be about swimming, the shower, a bath, the rain, etc.

Blub… Blub… Bubble, Burst

Rising to  the surface

With water all around

It’s difficult, like fighting syrup

To keep your head above ground

The pull of cooling water,

the current, the sound,

The peaceful nature of its pull

Follows you around

To the point that when you leave

You can hear it still

Blub, blub, bubble, and burst

A ripple and thunder,

But that’s not the worst

Someone saw you as you left

And stole your silken suit

The fur which made water friend

You can no longer go down deep

Blub… blub… bubble, burst

To the depths of Selkie’s song

To fight the witch’s curse.

You’re stuck above with human hands

Captured by an ignorant man.

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