Hour 19 – Self Portrait (text prompt)

I am

Or at least I try to be

Magical, not ethereal, but rooted deep in time;

Turns out some of those routes are buried deep

While others are blocked permanently.

I have

A deep love of many things;

Cats and writing and wastes of time

And games and gizmos and water color –

Though I lack skill in most of them –

Love deeper still for thrills and creation which hones a skill.

I sculpt

And shape

And crush

And reshape

More often than I’d admit

My own perception, and your exception

Within my mind before they ever reach paper.

And perhaps my stories would be better worded if unhinged from fear.

But the fear is juicy and

Well I love juice

And take solace in twilight

Alone on a crowded shore.


2 thoughts on “Hour 19 – Self Portrait (text prompt)

  1. I love the lines- “Magical, not ethereal, but rooted deep in time”, “Cats and writing and wastes of time”, ” take solace in twilight/ Alone on a crowded shore”… and honestly, the entire piece. its well-written, relatable and a delight to read. Well-done! ^^

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