Hour 23 – Inkheart – Text Prompt


Oh to speak with silver tongue
Reality into fiction
Fiction back to reality
The desire is there but magic…
Is sadly lacking here
And try as I might to coax it out
Reality is unchanged
No thieves or flame eaters walk about
No magical creatures
I cannot lift them from my books
Or put myself among them
Unless I create the works from scratch
But I’ve not truly won then.
I must satisfy escape
With new works and words upon the page
My ink-ed heart bleeds dismayed
By lack of magic displayed
Upon reading the written page.

One thought on “Hour 23 – Inkheart – Text Prompt

  1. I absolutely love this poem.
    I can feel the longing in the words. How we all wish to be able to ‘live’ our favourite books and this book is one of mine.
    It’s due to reading about Gwin (the marten) that I ended up taking in rescued ferrets for a while.

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