Hour 6 – The Past’s Echo is Hope – Text Prompt

Dear Dawn,

Look at yourself now. You used to be so shy, and I suppose you still may be but you’ve taken the time to grow.

You aren’t the same Dawn, you aren’t the awkward little teen I used to know.

You used to pick on yourself, your own worst bully, you used to let others make fun of you, the butt of a joke, truly.

Now you don’t do that. Now you’re full of life. You may self-deprecate sometimes but it’s not to cause yourself strife.

I may have been a counselor, just some random person who gave you the time to speak, but I promise you you’re doing better, this isn’t your peak.

You learned from your past self I hope, made yourself keep going despite starting at the bottom of an acute angle interior slope.

It always gets brighter at Daybreak,

Your friend and mentor,


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