Prompt 6/Hr5-Dream

There on the hilltop
Going click
A single Knight
In her shiny kit

Across the way
Down by the river
A parade of people
With arms and quivers

Above the river
A bright blue awning
Sitting beneath it
A Queen’s Maid is yawning

Without much fanfare
The Royals arrive
In Ebony carriage
Drawn by beetles of 9

The Knight mounts her horse
Riding down the hill
She draws out her blades
And begins with her kills

Go first for the wheels
So none can escape
Then slay the beetles
Whose clattering seems fake

Then slay the armed
Who guard the royal Queen
Who somehow hasn’t noticed
Distracted by distinct green

The Queen fools around
With the Duke of the Hound
While hundreds of houses
Are burned to the ground

You know she’ll die last
It’s not just a murder
You kill them all
Regardless of girder

She finally flees
Into crystal castle
You climb along outside
Despite the enormous hassle

Only to behead her with a fork in the neck

Stabbing quite quickly, perforation, tears, and check

The Knight rides away and the sun sets unbidden.

The Knight sees it all, even secrets you’ve hidden

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