Tongue-Tied Prompt 2

No, I get it. Really, it’s fine.

I worked damn hard to make you mine.

But my tongue said things that made a noose

I failed to stay calm and a tirade’s been let loose.

No, I’m not angry, just disappointed.

Really, there’s no reason to get so disjointed.

These fickle words will forcibly fly,

And like a sword, they’ll cut out an eye.

I’ve hung myself in desperation

Just to convey this conversation.

Yet you cannot seem to understand,

I did this just to hold your hand.

Your eyes they glow, but with apprehension.

Rather than love requited, I receive tension.

Perhaps I’ve missed an important piece?

Or maybe I don’t know any longer how to speak.

Your beauty does make me feel weak.

But deaf ears hear not that which I seek

to convey to you.

So once again, I’m alone and tongue-tied.

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