Dancing Dad

Dancing Dad


Dancing down the street, show tunes, to the beat.

Smiles and “how are you?”, he really cared to know it too.

Be cheerful on his wall, and be grateful written tall.

Living one day at a time, it didn’t have to rhyme.

His phone calls are so missed, “Hello!” was on his lips.

“What’s for dinner, is all fine?” he asked them all the time.

He looked right in your eyes, he wouldn’t tell you lies.

I miss his presence most of all, without him life feels small.

He passed his heart along to me, so moving forward I can see.


– Mary-Jeanne Smith

This picture hung in my Dad’s apartment for many years. I brought it home after he passed. He had 32 years of sobreity in AA when he passed. He really lived his program. He is forever missed. The poetry prompt, of inside out, made me think of him. As he changed his life drastically, from the inside out, like no one I’ve ever seen. Blessed to have had him as my Dad.

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