Making more noise than allowed
Monsoon rains holding court
Adamant sparrows
Cawing wet
Screeching away the morn
Drowsing soils
Drenching souls
Washing nights to a dawn
Driving heat for day long ventures
Petrichor long dissolved
Dribbling down the rains
Raining drizzling drowning again
Wasting leaves to the ground
Puddling up cuddling through
Sunday morrows
Clearing blues
Stay in bed
Skipping walks
More life today
Better tomorrow
Dreaming still
Early dews
Taking easy
Show no news
Wafting smells
Earth bathed
Pearls on grass
Blooming glades
Croaking toads
Creeking woods
Gloomy roses
The petals lost
Move over summer
Rainy is here.

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