Prompt 8, hour 8_ Gigan. Dear Edward

Well! Edward dear, well, I couldn’t help it,

But come and not to gloat but keep the records straight.


I know all along you see, not half as dmb as thought.

I know of your dives in divers coops.

Three counties at last time of count.


I knew that the red roses weren’t for me.

I knew what the Gardenias  are hiding


I knew about the masked men, that they weren’t thieves

For truly, who steals from a thief.


Since you are now two weeks in your cold little script

Well Edward dear, well I couldn’t help it.


I knew that the red roses weren’t for me

But for the angel sent to sent to heaven at the point of your boot

Just halfway between heaven and earth.

So records straight dear Edward dear, ain’t no God called you hence my dear

But a drop of botulinum , hemlock and ash.






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