Middle of The Pond Musings, Hour 1

I am not what I write
No, these words do not define my thoughts
These little characters do not define who I am

But I am what I incite
A re-reflection of all I’ve been taught
An inspiration for those that give a damn

I am the owner of nothing
Protector of land and sea
Spinning filagree figments of imagination,
Heyduke ressurected

Head lacking chemicals
Boiling water by buttery moonlight
Grinding coffee in the still night
Like Mikey said, it’s not all good
But it’s good enough to know I am all right

At least well enough to write
Or should I say expunge
This ordeal I am embarking on begins,

An icy plunge into the depths of my subconscious, my unconscious, the infinite beyond…

Aloha from the middle of the pond

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