Weight of The World

John Lennon wrote,
“She’s so heavy,”
and suddenly, in the
middle of the refrain,
she was. As though
Jupiter broke free,
soared past the moon
capturing the earth
in its wake. In an
instant, 9.8 m/s^2
ramps to 12.7 m/s^3,
12.7^4 m/s^10,
12.7^4^4 m/s^10^2
and she was more
surprised than
any of us, one moment
speaking of gravitas in
Eliot’s Wasteland,
the next moment
breaking through the
floor, the floor below,
the ground floor,
the cellar floor,
a shining sphere
spinning faster than
light, accreting dust,
concrete, books, lamps,
the garage door, the
utility shelf along with
every tool stored,
dragging us with her
across the event

(Hour 13 prompt)

Falling into Gravty
Gravity Illustration courtesy of einstein.stanford.edu



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