once upon a time
men spoke only in whispers
fear of wolves, shiver
they tried to blow the house down
buried. big, bad, backfire.


(this is a tanka. also it’s hard to understand but let me know what you think it means? interested in hearing other people’s perspective since it’s not entirely clear.)

2 thoughts on “wolf

  1. Not sure this is at all what it means, but the imagery in brought to mind was something along the lines of man beginning life being afraid of the world destroying him, and in the end, man will destroy the world.

  2. Well from my perspective it seems a s if mankind was so afraid of the animals they did not want to talk too loud, as this would draw attention to them and the animals would destroy them, but it was not so the tables turned it was mankind who was destroying the animals instead, man started to hunt animals, therefore man is bad….lol just a though 🙂

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