Determined (Brandy Goodman Poem # 11)

Determined (Brandy Goodman Poem # 11)

What am I going to do?

You’re so determined to move on.

Nothing seems to discourage you

Not even watching your granddaughter grow.

You just want it all to be over,

It’s not that I don’t understand why,

I just don’t want to lose you yet,

You’re still too young to die.


I know it’s selfish of me

But I don’t know what to do,

My world will likely shatter

Everyone knows that to be true.

With all the pain you’re going through

I should be happy with your choice.

You’d be in a much better place,

But I will miss your voice.


I will miss your hugs and kisses

I will miss your warm smile

I will miss all your advice

My hurt will last a while.

I want you to feel better,

I just don’t want you to go.

We have so much more to share,

A mother is something you never outgrow.

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