When I Grow Up

when I grow up
when I grow up I want to be god
I want to kill Satan
And all the satanic people
Who terrorise good people
Especially children
I will champion children’s rights
Will make sure all children
Are well feed; balanced diet
Well dressed
Shielded from harm 24/7

I will makes sure chocolates, sweets, candy…
Grow on trees
And every child has access
I will close schools in winter
Infact I will remove winter season from the yearly seasons
I will be assistant god
I will work closely with God my creator
I will change the world
I will make it safer and equal
I will do it,I will be a fair god

I will make my parents rich
Very rich
I am sick and tired of seeing them toil
They barely have enough to spoil me
It’s all hand to mouth
The other day they couldn’t afford to buy me a simple cake on my birthday.
I see this and it pains me
That’s why I want to be a god
When I grow up
Don’t worry mum and daddy
I will rescue you and our neighbours
They are toiling too
Hang in there…

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