Barking Dogs

We are surrounded by
multiple barking dogs
two are standard poodles with
the worst one
a former champion.
I suppose
we are all
a bit beneath them
in the hierarchy
of the world.

We have had
worse dog neighbors
like the three pit bulls
who would bark
if we moved around
within our house and
once got
into our backyard
and trashed it.
We have a photo
of the three of them
on a roof.

Sam the champion
will sit regally
in the back
ever alert
like a motion sensitive light
to start his vocalizations
with any change in
his environment
His family has given up
on training him
and merely yells
at hime to stop.

We, our car, and our house
are not part of his family
and he will foam
at the mouth
racing every which
way to inform
the world of
his displeasure with us.

Treats don’t work
Singing we love the daffodils
doesn’t work
Seductive musk
doesn’t work and
raising myself
to my full nine foot height
and roaring loudly
doesn’t work.

Basho wrote
long ago:
It is deep autumn
my neighbor
how does he live, I wonder

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