“Books were safer than other people anyway.” – Neil Gaiman

They told stories
That lived in the minds
Of those who told them.
Their pages laden with details
Of love stories and broken hearts
Of mysteries
And works of art
Of music
And sing alongs
Of intricate things
That sometimes
Made no sense
Yet still belonged.
From front to back
The spine held stories
Long ago left behind.
But not mine.
For mine was one of struggle
And triumph
That carried its own weight.
A fresh and intentional perspective
A story told
On a leap of faith.
Today it’s a story that deserves
To be heard.
A story that seems so incredible once it’s heard.
But the scars
prove it’s a validity
No need to remain hurt.
Forgiveness is the key
And understanding
What it’s worth.
No matter what you believe…
God comes first.

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