Layla (Hour 6)

In my life, I never had the words to say
Everything I wanted to say to you
How I loved our runs in the park
Or around the giant table at home
And all the yummy food after – beef burger and spiced chicken
How I loved our mornings together
When I climbed in your bed and you snuggled me
How much I loved you
How much it made me happy when all of us were together as a big happy family

Some memories, maybe not so great
The squirrels and rabbits in the backyard, always ruining Dad’s grass
The noisy annoying neighbor who always broke my afternoon snooze
The times when you would leave and I would be home
Waiting, hoping, you would be back someday
And of course, the last days, of pain, and fear, and the unknown
But I want you to know that despite all that
None of this could ever get rid of
The immense joy and love and care you and everyone else gave me

While here in your world, I said this how I could
A woof. A lick. A roll on my back.
And I want you to know that it’s because you made me feel

Now on the other side, I miss you a lot
But it’s different – more nostalgia, less anticipation
I am at peace
And while I know that you will probably miss me
Just know that you do not need to worry about me
I’m happy as long as you are happy and loved
It’s all I ever wanted in my life
Just stay that way, and I’ll eternally smile and wag my tail
Watching over you from above

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