Nature (hour 24)


Clothes in beauty as nature surrounds you,
nothing can change the way you grow.
Flowers cascading down your wonderful body,
clothing you with the beauty of nature
The blooming flowers are dancing all over you like they will never be hurt
Birds singing in the trees like none is listening,
entertaining nature and giving ease.

The feeling of being caressed by nature tells you your in love,
no need for sleep
as the heart skips a beat,
entwined with Nature is what keeps the feet rooted

Colors are brilliant and bright blazing around you
Laughter is apart of your daily life
giving birth to nature as she continues to spring around you

You open heart knows that there’s a chance it may be broken
Yet you open your heart, you experience the love and joy you never dreamed of.
being vulnerable is the way you allow your heart to feel true pleasure that’s so real it makes your scared.
Nature’s gently breeze blows thought your hair, giving surmount of care
Your hope and security is the beauty that surrounds your everyday life.

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