The Poetry Marathon

I shared this poem yesterday afternoon in preparation for this global event on poetry marathon.



The Poetry Marathon

Login to the virtual realm in enclosed time in a given space
Addressing prompts in poetical expression at an hour
across the global landscape clearly not a dreamscape
lodging in whatever the muse calling its eerie hour

matching much all emotions and all tools of trade
launching in August Calendar of year
making a stir in the launching crusade
clearly humanity making its meaning poet’s tear

interlocking prompts response of poetical avant garde
understanding the key and embracing fully a poet
hallmarking each endeavor in humanity’s bard
emulating in each expression of true epithet

Achieving in all circumstance across time and space kindling
Reaching the universe of humanity enriching much spindling

© Roy Mark Azanza Corrales 5:00 PM PST  04082017

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