Un-Define Loves

Un-Define Loves

Light midst dark past hedges
Call of the wind howling
To create a lasting space
Echoes in unimultiverses cascading

To extract meaning to life coexistence
To correlate as ripple of soul connection
To deepen further in every possibility
To dug out the core of understanding

To garner the August hall of poem created
To let out in the catalyst of springtime
To reach out unto new depth of a soul
To heighten the nature of every year pulsating

To pursue possibility how the longing of a soul
Harnessing the universal call of loving
Edging the heart of a soul exchanging
Exuding soul engagement the “us ”

9: 10 AM PST 16/11/2018 first edition UP CAMPUS
2:50 PM PST 16/11/2018 second edition UP CAMPUS
3:15 PM PST 16/11/2018 3rd edition UP CAMPUS
3:48 PM PST 16/11/2018 Revised editionĀ  UP CAMPUS


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