The Parking Lot

Just a shitty old field with logs in it
I guess people wanted to park there
it certainly was no park.
Old telephone poles littered about.
Never paid much attention to it.

New parking lot
New train stop
New lamp posts
New asphalt

I started going there to skateboard
to hang out
roll around
jump and

I’d ride my bike to this haven
empty except for the cars
quiet except for the city
the train
occasionally oozing commuters.

This was where I went
that day I was upset
young emotions overwhelming
the cigarette I stole from my stupid uncle
terrible and freeing

My bike was down
I was fuming
on an island
then I floated
about twenty feet above

I looked down
a leaf floating and careening
empty and confused
that’s my body?

I just wanted to escape
and what a place to go
the atmosphere
above the emptiness
the flaccid firmness of reality.

but what an experience
to be
above and beyond
my tumultuous brain.

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