Image Prompt -Poem Eight Games night

Games bring families together

It’s a way of passing time and brings the community together
It is carved from wood to barks of nights
The games are passed around till you end up with twos or threes
In communities it’s a way of passing time
Games can be a vocal point in our busy lives
Some households have game nights
Some have games evening to unite
Some play bingo and others play chess
There are so many games that to ignite understand each other
Games bring families together
Games can be a vocal point in our busy nights
We have Ludo cards and a game of Ayo in my household
My favourite game is Ludo
I loved Snakes and Ladders tonight
I also like Ten Ten which is on the outdoors
The tug of war is also another favourite
Sabìnah Adewole
As part of the Poetry marathon
Gigan Poem poem of 16 lines with Couplets and Tercets

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