Text Prompt – Poem 1 Baptism


Submerged in a cave splashing
Narrow tunnels splashes
Warmly swaddling like a coat
Drenched from the baptism
Folding my arms under spraying
Unable to swim undignifying
My head under water damping
Not sure what to do annoying
Opened my eyes soaking
The sky blue above flying
Submerged in a cave splashing
An Angel overshadowed fighting
I am baptised in a pool drenching
I am born again to floating
Christening Naming Immersion
Sprinkling Ablution Dedication
Write a poem about being in water
Gigan poetry -16 lines
Line 1 is repeated in Line 11


One thought on “Text Prompt – Poem 1 Baptism

  1. As I was reading, I was thinking that I hadn’t come across this before. Once I got to the end, I realized why. Gigan poem. Okay. Your poem gave me feelings of wanting to escape. Escape that cave of water. Get out, and never come back.

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