Time and Again

Time goes on day by day

Seconds pass by one none held at bay

Sixty comes a minute goes

Each minute passes another sows

Till 60 come and an hour grows

Hours one through twenty-four

One day is done and out the door


Time goes on day by day

Monday through Sunday

A week goes by

Four weeks gather

Into a month they grow

Month after month till the year flies by


Time goes on day by day

Leading the years along their way

Ten to a decade life is on its way

Till decade passes decade and we pass away

We may miss the decades group of ten

The century mark approaches yet again


Time goes on day by day

Our history collects in each century

Yet history fades we see in reverie

Then ten become a millennium

One day we see as a harbinger

Yet to the Earth it is just a day to her

Time goes on day by day

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