No pain no gain
If this is what I want,
this is the choice that I will make every day

No pain no gain
the life I dream of, of breathing, of filling my soul with creative air

No pain no gain
excuses are a dime a dozen
so ready to come out, so easy to use

No pain no gain
there's no million$, no billion$
Worlds that I create will wilt in my imagination
people never born
places never form
things never be

No pain no gain
I will sit in my chair
and divide the light from the dark
form man and woman from clay and
Write life into their bodies

No pain no gain
I will share my worlds
be open to others' worlds and words
be not afraid of
Me as creator

No pain no gain
I gain nothing from hiding from my perceived pain
Of being

No pain no gain
I will be brave
I will stop my hesitations
I will embrace this fantasy with both ink stained hands.

No pain no gain
No pain no gain
No gain but
at a life lived less creative.

No hesitation, no regrets
With both ink stained hands
I will
my lives into breathing.

No regrets, no hesitation

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