It's been three decades since I was last there,
up in your arms
The world was kept away
I was safe
Everything was new and bright
Including me

You picked up when I cried
when I laughed
when I needed you more than a doll
Your heartbeat, against mine
The scent of Old Spice and soap after a shower
whiskers brushing against my cheek
Sparking off my nerves,

I don't remember remember the first time your carried me, I don't remember the last time
marked it as the last

If I knew, I'd of asked to be held a little longer, tighter, safer, for a while longer to last this lifetime.

No hug carried the same feel but the love, always there,
as I grew
too big to be held
It's been three decades since I was last up in your arms,
my safe space for always
long after you've been gone.

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