Hand snaking through
the wind flowing through the car window
Traffic has been light
Moving @75 up 75
The semis keeping to their lane

Heading to another dr's visit in Atlanta. The local quack scared Crissee with his
stoned eyes, trembling hands
So on the road to Dr Schmidt
To get my bones to behave
I'm 12, what do I know?
The new Super Mario Bros game looks good. Whistles.

The cast will come off. The pins will come out. The cast gets put back on.
Good it was starting to stink.
So heavy.
Back on the road home
Speed up
Slow down hits my knee with the same level of Ihatedoctors

Weeks pass and it's time to hit 75 again

Hand in the flowing wind, truckers wave to me.

This time
The cast comes off
For good

I don't recognize my own
It's still attached to me, I feel it but it's alien.
Purple bruises, black stitched half absorbed, streaks of gooey yellow iodine, two long red lines marking my flesh.
The pin holes
marked now with two stitches each mark the skin where they erupted my skin.

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