A Narrative Poem Dissected and Redirected

    1. Once upon a time there was a stone born blue as the darkest night.
    2.  He went by the name of Lapis Lazuli.
    3.  He was treasured for his purity and likeness to the deepest ocean and darkest sky.
    4. He never once saw his reflection.
    5. He dreamed of seeing other minerals such as he, yet always he was surrounded by homogeneity.
    6. He was shy, but curious.
    7. He stared into the sky nightly and fell in love with the beguiling moon thinking her silver hue was nothing like he had ever seen.
    8. He deemed her exotic, due to her difference, and he found her intoxicating; her silver hue became his love kryptonite.
    9. When the stars lit up the night sky he glowed with adoration in honor of the net of stars they weaved each evening anew, a stunning veil embroidered by their brilliance, highlighting his glorious moon in all her finery.
    10. He was a rough stone admired equally by the people of the village who pulled him from the earth, and mistakenly left him near the shore line.
    11. Day and night he loved the moon as she teased him winking, waxing, and waning all without shame.
    12. He was mesmerized by her presence.
    13. He was a peaceful stone, yet he had few friends,but for the elements.
    14. His heart beamed with pleasure as he was warmed by the sun daily, refreshed by the rain, soothed by the breeze that came off the coast, and tumbled happily by the raucous and playful wind.
    15. He always curious listening  to the birds and people that were near.
    16. One day a tumultuous storm arose and sent him tumbling uncontrollably into a lake of sorts, perhaps an ocean, no one really knows.
    17. He plummeted to the sea and saw himself for the first time in an instant …the reflection revealed with just a glimpse that he was not alone, he saw he was flecked with gold, fool’s gold, pyrite I think it’s called.
    18. In this self-revelation he had no idea that he was enveloped in a love from another mineral, descended from too many to name at the moment, and beyond her golden hue he saw himself beneath, betwixt, and in between.
    19. Her honey golden complexion was equal in exquisiteness, but different from his beloved silver adoration in the sky.
    20. He learned to love himself and appreciate she that had loved him all along, a silent partner who deserved a love far greater than the love he gave away unreciprocated by the silver moon high in the sky who he had tried to impress time and time again without knowing that her love this new love was not so new-she was closer than he had ever known, more deeply entwined in the golden veins that ran through the matrix of his being.

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