Before Darkness… I paused.

Before Darkness

… I once panicked

I hesitate.

No Stop! It’s time to regulate.

The darkness, the dusk unveils a scared time, a time to be ushered in with an open mind.

Darkness signals rest, a slowing down of sorts. Not just a time to be put to the test.

In my younger years, not too long ago yes,I know, it was a time of unrest.

The call of night loomed like a graying storm cloud that I could not see through.

“So much to do,

So little time,” was my favorite quote.

It was not an option to float,

Away. Instead I had to handle my dealings.

Darkness at its core, before I worked the usual 10 hour shift with commute as I still do,it was instead a time in which I had mixed feelings.

Long ago, or so it seems.

Before darkness was a time that I relished. I savored. I looked for; I enjoyed being out to witness the most sacred part of the day. An ombre sky, a treat for all to see.

This was where I wanted to be.

…The last drop of color spooned from the sky and distilled in waves of sweet potato pie, candy cotton pink, and shades of lavender hue

That faded gently into pools of blue.

Steely grey clouds became more of a gateway to peace imbued with flecks of silver shard, remnants of stars, peeking through, hanging proudly beside a mysterious moon.

The milky clouds some pink and gauzy,

Some hazy,

Dairy white curtains emerge from the heavens ever growing darker by and by.

Yes, this was my sky.

Alas,I hearken back

To a time that has long past when I drove underneath the “Phoenix Center” underpass, in the heart of Pontiac.

With this, my favorite quote I fondly missed and the truth is,

I can no longer resist,

It has resurfaced clearer that before, and it is here to stay, ” I like the Nightlife.” This phrase still lingers in my mind from years long ago. I remember the thirty seconds or less as my family and I were quickly whisked underneath the structure. I remember beaming from ear to ear with pride at my revelation…

Once again I can relate,

Before darkness and I can now officially date.


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