Firefly Pearls…

She is cloaked in shadow.

Her hair all aglow.

Wild strands form a halo around her darkenend face.

She moves extemporaneously to the beat of a rhythm we can’t see.

She holds firefly pearls in a strand of rope as far as the eye can go.

Wishes, dreams,and hopes that no one knows.

So powerful it tingles her toes and unsettles the floor beams below.

She rides on waves of pleasure that no human can hear.

Her temperature rises with each outburst.

A flare of light radiates into the air as she counts the firefly pearls that the she whirls and twirls.

She holds the key to the unseen, the unspoken, and the unknown.

Test her knowledge and take your chances all the same.

A pearl of wisdom comes without blame.

She grants you one wish without fear.

Take her up on her offer if you dare.


All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover

One thought on “Firefly Pearls…

  1. Your character here seems to be an other-worldly being, perhaps an angel or perhaps a fairy. Perhaps it is a reflection of another aspect of yourself. No matter what, though, I like the lively aspects of this female. I’m intrigued by the phrase “A pearl of wisdom comes without blame.” You capture quite a bit of magic, but I also wonder about the simple enchantment of experience, of living long enough to become the wise one. This female seems a bit older in my mind’s eye, but then again it could be a reflection of how I see myself. Great way to engage your readers!

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