Hour 4: A Hundred Years … A plea..

Oh how we have evolved you say.

We work while we sleep vacationing in the waking hours.

Out dreams have been sacrificed and exchanged for the only commodity we have left.


We pursue passions from the mind.

Physical activity is a way to connect with soul.

I’ll tell you more yet time is toorare to share this secret act.

We tap into our mental strength and hone in on the erogenous zones strictly within the mind.

Time is our currency.

All out homes are ergonomically sound.

We live in urban paradises that can not ever compare to the natural world.

Our would now consists of corporations that claim they are people too with more rights that the women who lost power of their body in 2022.


Has a nice ring 💍 to it don’t you thinks.

Guns still are protected over the wombs of women, but oh well they can farm life now with ease and hybrid us like exotic fruit.

Why should our rights or otherwise be protected or revered?

We are only seen as the product of pleasure seekers.

They would villainize us for such a divergent thought.

Although we have many. Thoughts. This like time is highly desired and the later is far from admired.

Theyeve retired retirement altogether.

We work past our price breaking all labor laws of the past they get us after age 10.

Our minds are the only fertile ground left to plunder and pursue. We’ve ravaged the land and greed now has no seed to breed.

So they hunt us while asleep and attack the youth each year earlier, yet we’ve halted them at nine and stoped them atten.

Fought to protect the innocence of youth, yet time they still try to regulate.
They’ve killed cash.

Credit like bitcoin seems imaginary all the same then do it in the name equality which is a word like diversity has taken the abuse and bore the burden of our discontent with self. They say we blame it on wealth when we too have been there to take the loss.


Where the elite have taken up every coast line and any every fmgtreen space as theirs all in the name of progress and industry.

We farm silicon chips in pools of white and Tiffany blue.

We  all pierce our tounges   Land ears to protect out identity.


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