Hour 5: 100 Years Ago

My grandparents were just being born. A few years back and now they are new to this world.

Hope and dreams tied together with bows of twine in pristine butcher paper.

They seek love and drink milk from cows that are rich and proud.

I know of both my grandfathers yet I know less of this line.

They do not know that both matriarchs would be consumed my a sickness not known to humankind… Cancer not the season that followed Gemini.

They would not believe in the stars or celestial foretelling of any sort.

Instead they would be gifted by the heavens and the word of God. Both were pious in their own way. Both loved church and this was passed down to me. Skipping a generation I would seek out Gof conventionally.

My mom on the other hand was enlightened  from within and my father too. He though books and other means while my mother was and is divine from within. She received her divination from the plants trees and stars all naturally like my brother who is a beautiful and deep as they vine. An Adonis that mentally and heart cannot be matched with someone as fickle as me. Intellectually I am strong with a mental fortitude a degree energy that too is unrivaled. Yet we both have different strengths and reach depth the other can often mistake for another strength.



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