“No Ordinary Love”



I had “No Ordinary Love” as Sade would say before I met you.

Describing a love like ours deserves a context and a place.

Even though space and time need not rhyme.

Your heart and mine bonded before we knew.

One night.

One dream.

One ray of light.

In one second I saw my whole life in an instant.

So clear I could not deny.

A glimpse of heaven in your eyes.

Or was it the song in your heart, so loving and true.

Good God, what was I to do?

Is this your story or mine?


Our love would have to grow and ripen just like a Julie Mango on a tree.

One year ago from today you may not have even known my name.

Our meetings were cordial at best.

I stayed away, not knowing you would pass the test.

A test I did not have write the answers to.


Our attraction we both would discover eleven months later,

one evening late in May it would come to pass.

There was something said, a slip of the tongue on my part, “Ain’t Misbehaving”, as Thomas Waller would have us believe.

Saving my heart for one I did not even know.

This was a concept I could not even fathom.

My heart belonged to another, or so I thought.

Everyone around me wondered and saw the break, but I was holding on to a memory who had made it quite clear.

I was to be left on the shelf to stay preserved, “as is”, and I forgot what it was like to love up close.

Love from a distance had grown into a question mark.

I afraid to answer.

Then love hit like cupid out of the blue, strong and true.

I did not know what to do, until I listened to the one true defender of love, the human heart.

Not realizing I would be saving my heart for a new love, a stranger at best, with words I could barely relate.

It was my heart that spoke louder than the words that left my lips.

I listened for the first time to my heart and not my mind.

My heart said, “Yes”, and I never looked back.

I wish it were that easy, and this would be the end of the story.


Love is more than a curious state of being.

My heart I did not know would expand and love you deeper and deeper each day.

You only wanted to kiss my stars, a constellation of freckles that tattooed my face and shoulders for sure.

I held off for only so long, until one day I let your lips graze my cheek.

Two days later my no ordinary love returned only to think the worse, not knowing that love was newly in bloom.

The connection he witnessed was beyond our control.


Love knows no limits and this I learned was growing stronger each day.

Six months earlier I was left like a potted plant to bloom on my own, before I discovered my new love was closer than I knew.

My dessert rose was a bud almost in bloom.

My new love awakened a new growth as my wings and leaves began to spread.

Was I a plant or a butterfly in bloom?

How could I know the content of your heart?


The only indication were your words, “Are you ok”, you said this phrase with such care in your voice that it shone through the small talk that neighbors often exchange.

Your jovial spirit was all I saw.

Still there was something a spark that we had.

Never mind none of us knew or saw it in the other.

You are a fantasy, clean cut and a mentor on the go, while I was an artist and educator on the run.

Two professionals with no time to spare, but a quick “hello”.

It was not what you said, but how you did that made me pause.

None of us would know the depth until one day after I dropped Blue Mountain Coffee at your door.

The rest is our history and we are still adding to this new book.


All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover


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