Poem3/24 “The Fisherman”

My father’s friend named Mike is a fisherman

He used to go to the sea early morning

When everyone still snoring and sleeping

He will escaped and slowly walk and run

After how many hours, before lunch 

He will come home holding his bunch

Full of fish, big and small

Different colors, different kinds, different sizes

My friend Michael and I will clean the fishes

Some for cooking

Some for giving 

Some for selling

My friend used to go to the market during afternoon

To sell the fish, his father’s caught

When he sold, he will come home with money

He will give it to his parents

And save some for his schooling

His father said: “fishing is not easy

You have to be patient 

Pray that you might catch

Fishes knows whose net they are going

Fishes knows who are needy

As I pray to God, I pray to fish to come”

If I will not go fishing, my family will suffer

My son will stop studying

I don’t want to see that, he is our one and only child

My family will be hungry

I dont want to see them suffered, he added.

Fishing is not only a job but it is a dedication to God, I said.

Yes!its true his father said. Fishing is about a choice

It is about choosing the most and best for you and your family

And fishing is all about love

If you love God

He will give you the best more than you ask for, wait patiently

Fishing is the foundation of this family

My wife’s family is rich. Yet, she still chose me, she said:

“we will surpass as long as we stay, still and keep fishing,

And be a fisherman to God”

We can be richer than my family, he added.

Fishing is loving those people around

Not by catching quickly proud

But to wait patiently love

The best catch will come from God

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