Poem6/24 “A Passion of Life”


Life is borrowed

From Almighty God

Needs a bountiful unconditional love

A care to protect

Comfort to hug regret

Caress in every darkness

Passion to carry the cross

To the bridge across

Might be danger but hold tight

To His promises upright

He won’t leave 

Along those difficult times

He will watch every steps 

He will stops every obstacles

He will wipe every single tears

He promised He won’t leave

Value what he give

A life, a love

Don’t waste, don’t doubt

Try to walk along His path

Difficult a lot

Don’t give up

Most especially the time 

Black clouds dropped

And bait trapped

And nothing to do but cry

And say,:”Lord, help me”

Believe, He will come 

To carry the burden

And soul to be enlighten

In His hands


Salvation and peace..


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