“(Hour 3 of 12) poor bop”

Told the shrink, I once knew a man.

To get rich was his masterplan.

I’ll rob a bank, oh yes, I can.

So to better understand,

And get a lay of the land,

Off he went, big gun in hand.


He really didn’t think it through.


Your money or your life, he told the teller,

You better not mess with me, I’m a nasty feller,

And if you think you wanna beller,

I’ll pull this trigger, don’t think I’m yeller.

In his face she laughed, you aren’t so stellar,

Have you been living in a wine cellar?

Or are you just a basement dweller?

It’s “i” before “e” in “Keep quiet”, you bad speller!


He really didn’t think it through.


I have a gun, and she doesn’t care?

My plan didn’t work, she called my dare!

He ranted and raved and shouted, “Beware!”,

Waving his big gun all around in the air,

The cops just put two in him, to his despair,

And his last thought was, life’s so bloody unfair!


He really didn’t think it through.




© 2020 S Phua

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