Distance (Poem #18)

I’m millions of miles away

I’m on my own adventure

I’m learning new things

Another language

Things about myself

I’m growing

And yet

At the start and finish

The beginning and end

Of every single day

I can’t help it

I become completely overtaken

My brain dysfunctional

My body immobile

My entire being inactive

I become completely on autopilot

My heart begins to slow down

My pulse almost untraceable

My eyes begin to fill

As if the dam was let open

What am I to do?

It’s as if

My whole life is finally falling into place

Yet my whole life

It means nothing without you

This distance drives me crazy

This distance makes me weak

I feel strong because I have you

yet this distance

I can’t handle this distance

You make me feel alive

You make my life worth living

I know I found my Boaz

My Romeo

My knight in shining armor

I know I found you

I found the one my heart beat matches

The one whose hand fits perfectly in mine

The one who is there in the darkest of times

I found the one my soul longs for

And it’s you

This distance makes us stronger

The distance can’t stay between

You are the one that was made for me

This distance has to leave

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