I Found You P2 (poem #21)

We have reached it

The stepping stone

Our future is all that awaits us

And our future is all that scares us

I know this is frightening

I am quivering just as you

Yet way deep down

When I look at you

I know our love is true

It scares me more

The thought of losing you

Then looking toward the future

Because life without you

At this point would be no life at all

I couldn’t stand to lose you

You’re my person

My best friend

The one my heart longs for

We sing together

In perfect harmony

The love that God has bestowed in us

I can’t believe this is happening

I am so beyond blessed

I finally found it

What I’ve been praying for

I finally found him

The one my soul sings for

I found you

And I won’t ever let you go

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