The Wind (Poem #16)

Ever so often

In the wisp of a moment

I hear a faint whisper

Ever so often

In the mystery of the day

I feel a soft touch

Ever so often

When life seems so down

I feel a sudden rush pull me

Ever so often

In the heat of a moment

I feel something push me

Every time I search

I look for what caused this

I seek an answer

I search for a visible explanation

But all I find

The only thing I see

Is nothing


what is happening

cannot be seen

it is invisible to the eye

yet experiential to the senses

It is the wind

It is unseen

But I can feel it

The wind gives me a rush

The wind pushes and pulls me

in and out of situations

It is the constant reminder

That even though you may not be able to see a person

They are always there in love and spirit

The wind

Shares its secret to me

The wind

Oh the scandal of the wind

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