You Are the One (Poem #12)

Its dark

And I’m scared

I don’t know how to explain this feeling

One person on my right

Another on my left

They begin to pull in opposite directions

As if I was a doll that two kids were fighting over

I feel the desires of my life swelling in my heart

I also feel my fears and desperation

They are surrounding me

They are trying to consume me.

Why do I have to go through this?

Can’t there be a sparkle of hope

I want to trust and know

Yet I doubt and cower


I need you

I am crying for you to comfort me

Hold me in your arms

Reach down and save me from myself

I am not giving up or giving in

I am simply giving it to God

He is the only one who can take this

He is the only one who can fill this emptiness

He can surround me in His love

He can take care of me

I am not alone


You are the only one

The light in my darkest moment

You are the one

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