I hear him roar

in the skies outside,

the rain dances a beat

and I know this is it.


In the skies outside

the lightening lights up,

and I know this it,

this is where it ends.


The lightening lights up

the darkened skies.

This is where it ends,

With the trumpets blaring.


The darkened skies

Awaken the slumber

with the trumpets blaring

and with a swirling of winds.


“Awaken the slumber!”

I hear him roar.

And with a swirling of winds,

the reign dances a beat.

One thought on “Pantoum

  1. Nice! I wanted to try a pantoum myself, but couldn’t manage it this time. You use the repetition neatly, keeping the lines fresh. The overall image is striking and, because of the first-person perspective, it feels like being there. Glimpses of something devastating.

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