#8, My current location.

Soundlessly wandering the beaches of dreams

Grey waters sweep the sand out from under my feet and wash me away.

Do I give in or do I fight?


How much longer can I battle the ceaseless current.

It has no aching muscles that tire and fail. No bones to break and splinter.

No memory to forget, only oblivion.


White moon beach of my dreams. Like a Cheshire cat grins.

Pulling me with mystery. What waits on the other side?


I bleed my consciousness down to the last ounce. Suck every wonderful drop

Hazy eyelids droop. Wake and find a word.

Maybe two.


The dogs bark and skitter across the room. Awake again for a while,

The grin winks into the distance, but only for a bit.

It stalks from the shadows and corners of my mind.


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