9. A mother

A hungry infant cried somewhere,
a starving mother weeped,
alone she was,
with a world against her.
They ordered and she obeyed,
They wouldn’t last
another night.
Muffled voices of child was heard
as the pro-life humans
drank bright red wine
in victory of the prosecution they did.
Stories were told
of the heartless mother
why would she do that?
No one told,
story of a woman
who had no choice
as another cry was heard.

One thought on “9. A mother

  1. Oh god… this is so well-written and, especially taking into account the recent events, heart-wrenching. You feel sad, but angry as well… especially with the line “as the pro-life humans/drank bright red wine/in victory of the prosecution they did”… it is true and truth is ugly. Really well done.

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