A Maddening Love

  “A Maddening Love”

What can I say?

What may I do for you?

Name it, it is yours.

For I am no more than a slave,

A tramp, a handmaiden, a lover,

A whore, a bitch, a mother, a friend, and a soul mate.

Whatever you want me to be.

However, I can no longer stand the slander.

Each word uttered tears at my heart,

Rips me to pieces.

Realization whips me across the face,

Something is amiss.

Memories whiz through my mind,

Too many drugs,

Addiction, affliction,

Twisted, tainted,

Slanted, and warped.

It dawns on me how utterly hopeless this all is.

I am all you said and much more.

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